Suicide Booth




Suicide Booth is a spatial sound installation, a fictional machine for committing aural suicide.


Suicide booths appear in numerous fictional settings, but the concept can be found as early as 1893. When a series of suicides were vigorously discussed in United Kingdom newspapers, critic William Archer suggested that in the future there would be penny-in-the-slot machines by which a man could kill himself.

In cooperation with composer and sound designer Maximiliano Estudies, I developed the physical setting and app for the installation.
 The particular characteristic of the nine suicide tracks created for the work is that they have been recorded and edited with binaural recording techniques. The latter creates a realistic spatial experience when the recording is played with headphones. The installation highlights the potential sounds have to alter and enhance human perception.


In cooperation with Maximiliano Estudies



Set yourself on fire

** please use your headphones **

Get hit by a train