Reflective Conversion


Reflective Conversion is an open system that illustrates the unique qualities of light such as visibility, rhythm, infinite spreading and reflection.


The installation is composed by custom-built autonomous modules, where every module is structurally identical and programmed with exactly the same logic. Their objective is to receive the light that other modules are sending out and to pass it on. If a module that is sending light hits a dark module at the right angle, the rays of the sending module are reflected down to the base of the dark module thus initiating that light. Now the newly lighted module starts searching for other modules to pass the light to. This simple interaction that is accomplished through the medium unleashes a potentially infinite interplay that the visitor can become part of.





Although all the modules are alike, they behave differently. This identity is caused by the imperfections in the mass-produced electronics and hardware. The materiality of the motors, mirrors, and metal pieces is what makes them have different nuances and therefore, their own agency.

In cooperation with Alice Rzezonka

ACHIEVEMENTS & exhibitions →

Share Prize 2014 · #4 Place
Share Prize 2014 Exhibition · Turín, Italy
lab30 2014 · Augsburg, Germany
Alles in Ordnung · Cologne, Germany
Material als Akteur · Cologne, Germany